Behavioral Health Solutions, P.A.


Behavioral Health Solutions, P.A., offers services for a range of emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems. They treat adults, couples, and adolescents who are interested in working toward healthier lives.

We offer treatment for many issues, including:





    Grief and loss

    Sexual behavior problems

    Coping with mental illness

    Recovery from traumatic experiences

    Relationship problems

    Sleep problems

    Health problems

    Treatment adherence

Psychological testing is also available for diverse referral questions, including clarification of personality issues and psychiatric diagnosis.

About the Practice

Professional psychological services for the Durham,

Chapel Hill, and Raleigh areas.

At Behavioral Health Solutions, we seek to provide effective, scientifically-based treatment and consultation services. We encourage personal responsibility and growth in our clients, while promoting sensitivity to individual and cultural differences. We seek active collaboration with our clients, treatment providers from diverse disciplines, and other members of our clients' social support networks.

About our Goals

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